Welcome to Ross Ranch Horns!

Ross Ranch Horns is a small ranch owned by Will Ross and is located in the piney woods of East Texas, just South of Tyler. It started with 2 Registered Longhorn cows in 2010, grew to over 35 head of Longhorns, Watusi, Highland and crossbred cattle, and then went through a full herd dispersal in 2018.  Slowly buying steers & cows & doing a little embryo work, RRH once again has big horned cattle!
RRH owns Registered Watusi Cattle, Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle, and sometimes other Exotic Cattle. I am a member of the WWA, ITLA, and TLBAA.  I meticulously research pedigrees and progeny and as much data available and then use selective breeding in order to produce quality animals.  There is no perfect formula that works every time so through trial and error I'm constantly striving to improve my herd and their offspring.  I take pride in breeding Longhorns that look like Longhorns and breeding Watusi that look like Watusi.  I also enjoy helping other people get started with cattle, find what they're looking for, answer questions, discuss strategies, select feed/mineral, anything to help - regardless of self benefit.  

As a University of Texas alumni, I've had a passion for colorful & large horned cattle for a long time. My goal is to raise a low quantity of quality animals and offer them to other horned cattle enthusiasts.  I want people to be successful.  When you buy from me, you don't buy a price, you buy a value, which includes a lot of advice on reaching your goals.  

Thanks for visiting the site, and don't hesitate to contact me with anything!

Will Ross
(903) 987-1399